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Who We Are

We are a small family orientated Breedersl exhibiting pedigree Golden & Labrador Retrievers, Bengal Cats and Variety of Cute birds of quality both in type and temperament. Our special interest lies within the conformation ring. However, we take pleasure in acknowledging the versatility of all our pets and encourage them to excel in their chosen fields. Be they family pets, companion, trial, Obedience, agility, therapy, assistance, our Pets are ready to be all that is desired of them. The health and wellbeing of our Pets is first and foremost, and as such we take care in ensuring that our Pets are raised, and continue to live, in a quality environment that is safe and stimulating for their active minds and devoted hearts. We pay special attention to diet, exercise, play, responsible Breeding practices, and giving lots of cuddles!  

Bengal Kittens

Cute Lovely Birds