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We are a small family orientated kennel exhibiting pedigree Labrador and Golden Retrievers of quality in type and temperament. Our special interest lies within the conformation ring. However, we take pleasure in acknowledging the versatility of bothr retrievers and encourage them to excel in their chosen fields. Be they family pets, companion, trial, Obedience, agility, therapy, assistance or conformation show dogs, our Retrievers are ready to be all that is desired of them. The health and wellbeing of our Retrievers is first and foremost, and as such we take care in ensuring that our Retrievers are raised, and continue to live, in a quality environment that is safe and stimulating for their active minds and devoted hearts. We pay special attention to diet, exercise, play, responsible Breeding practices, ... Read More!


Temperament is one of the HALLMARKS for these breeds. Both Golden and Labrador Retriever were bred to be a gentleman's hunting dog, a family companion and a breed that can adapt to any situation with ease.

They are NOT and never where meant to be a speed machine or a bouncy, over-energized four legged meat dog. Lord knows there are many other breeds out there bred specifically for those reasons. The Retriever Dog should NOT be one of them.

True to the correct Retriever temperament, you will find that our dogs are low-key inside the home but when it comes to performing a certain task they are trained for, they turn on like a light-switch. A dog you compete in the ring with, take hunting and then home to lay at your feet.

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The Swartz Family

We thought you might enjoy another Niki’s update since she is about to turn 1. In short, she is amazing!! We have become so unbelievable attached to her that it is hard to imagine there was ever a time when she wasn't here. She has a wonderful personality, and is very intel ... Read more!


We can’t thank you enough for our wonderful lab. She’s on the petite side, at 58 pounds, and has a perfectly proportioned body and a beautiful face. Her name is Luna, and she has a great temperament. She was so easy to train (Practically house broke herself) and she l ... Read more!                      


Emily is a delight. She is sweet, loving, touchy/feely, and calm. We had to put our wonderful companion of nearly 13 years, a yellow lab named Abu, to sleep last fall. We missed her terribly and missed having a dog around. We were leary of getting another dog because we w ... Read more!



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