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Group 8. Retrievers, spaniels, water dogs.



GENERAL IMPRESSION : Harmonious, balanced, active, resilient, with measured movements, strong, with a very friendly expression. 
BEHAVIOR AND TEMPERAMENT : Obedient, intelligent and possessing natural working abilities, good-natured, friendly and confident. 
  HEAD : Proportional, flawless or perfect lines. 
Skull : Broad but not coarse, well articulated with the neck .
Transition from forehead to muzzle: Well marked.
Nose : Preferably black.
Muzzle : Powerful, wide and deep. The length of the front part is approximately equal to the length from the stop point to the occipital protuberance.
Jaws / Teeth : The jaws are strong, with an excellent, regular, full, scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlap the lower teeth and are perpendicular to the jaws.
Eyes : Dark brown, wide set, with dark lining of the eyelids.
Ears: Medium in size, set at about eye level.
  NECK : Good length, perfect lines, muscular. 
  CASE : Balanced. 
Back: The top line is flat.
Loin : Strong, muscular, short.
Chest : Deep in the region of the heart. The ribs are deep, with a good bend.
TAIL : Set on and carried at the level of the back, reaches the hock, without bending at the end.

  FRONT LIMBS : Forelegs straight with good bone. 
Shoulders : Well laid back, long bones.
Shoulders : The same length as the scapular bones, which allows the limbs to fit well under the body.
Elbows : Fit tight to the body.
Forefeet : Round, feline.
REAR LIMBS : The hindquarters are strong and muscular. 
Knees : With good angles.
Shins : Good length.
Hocks: Low spaced, metatarsus straight when viewed from behind, not deployed inward or outward. Cow delivery is highly undesirable
Hind legs : Round, feline.
  GAIT / MOVEMENT : Strong and energetic. Straight and even front and back. The step is long and free, without prancing. 
Coat : Straight or wavy with good coats, dense waterproof undercoat.
COLOR : Any shade of golden or cream, but not red-red or mahogany. Several white hairs are allowed only on the chest. 
Height at the withers :
Males - 56-61 cm (22-24 inches)
Bitches - 51-56 cm (20-22 inches)
DISADVANTAGES / DEFECTS : Any deviation from the above points should be considered as a disadvantage, the seriousness of which should be regarded in exact accordance with the degree of its influence on the health and well-being of the dog and on its ability to perform traditional work.
Aggressiveness or cowardice .
Any dog ​​clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities must be disqualified.
NOTE : Males must have two well-developed testes fully descended into the scrotum.


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