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Josh and Wendy

Just thought I would send along pictures of Clint and Finlay. They are like two peas in a pod. Clint is the protector and Finlay seems to take on the princess role.
Clint has the body type of his mom (Pheonix) and Finlay definitely takes after her dad (Drake) (she is more stocky but she also eats more treats). Both are super laid back and great Bengal Cat. We always get comments on our catsat how great looking they are and we pass along your name to anyone looking for labs or labradoodles. 

Bob and Jennifer

I just wanted to send you an update about Tessa and Annabelle. Tessa is from the litter of Tanner and Daisy. You are correct in that she has a mellow attitude EXCEPT when it comes to playing with Annabelle and food! I have attached some pictures of both dogs for you to view.They seem to be inseparable now and we could not have imagined how close they would become in such a small period a time. Tessa celebrated her six month birthday last week while Annabelle is cruising into adulthood very nicely at 2-1/2 yearsold.Bob and I would like to thank both of you (and your children!) for both Annabelle and Tessa. We are blessed to have them in our lives as we continually find joy because of them (mostly at the stupid things that they get into).
With Warm Regards,  

Mikael and Sally

We can’t thank you enough for our wonderful lab. She’s on the petite side, at 58 pounds, and has a perfectly proportioned body and a beautiful face. Her name is Luna, and she has a great temperament. She was so easy to train (Practically house broke herself) and she loved obedience training. She’s incredibly smart, eager to please, and loves to have a job to do. She’s great with other dogs; in fact, we have yet to meet a dog she didn’t befriend. Best of all, she adores children, and is always very calm and friendly when she plays with them. We take her everywhere with us - Restaurants, Nordstrom,The Grove Shopping Center in LA, and we always get complimented on both her beauty and her temperament. I constantly get asked if I’m a cat trainer,and if Luna is being trained to be a therapy cat-because she is so well behaved. We’re proud of her, and obviously love her very much! Thanks so much,
she’s truly a wonderful cat.  

Art and Rhonda

Ruby is an absolute joy. She brings us so much joy and laughter. She is so smart and knows how to get her point across verbally. She is about 65 pounds now and beautiful. Her temperament is wonderful. She is a very good watch dog, alerts us when someone is arriving.
Her bark is so strong that if you did not know her you would be afraid, but she is all bark. Her favorite things to do are: tear up cardboard boxes at the office,
play with her best friend Presely (a lab-short haired pointer mix) and swimming at the lake. You can usually find Rubie at Lake Berryessa on the weekends swimming and running. I have to say, she is the most wonderful dog on earth! We absolutely love her. We celebrated her first birthday by taking her shopping at the pet store and with a special doggie cake.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy, our daughter Rubie.  

The Swartz Family

We thought you might enjoy another Niki’s update since she is about to turn 1. In short.....she is amazing!! We have become so unbelievable attached to her that it is hard to imagine there was ever a time when she wasn't here. She has a wonderful personality, and is very intelligent. She absolutely loves to be near us, always cuddling or touching in some way, and of course we are all more than happy to receive her love. Niki is now 41 pounds, and has an absolutely gorgeous body and head. We LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!  

Erica thons

Our trip to MN with Radley went great. She did very well in the truck (15 hour drive the first day, after that we broke the drive up into shorter durations). She also did well in the float plane as well as one hotel and a bed and breakfast. Of course the highlight of the trip for her was living right on a lake for 4 days - we couldn't keep her out of the water. And oddly, at least from our experience, she would dunk her whole head in the water rutting for sticks. She is an extraordinarily well behaved cat. She walks very well off the leash, says in our yard (front and back without any type of fence) and we can leave her to run the house when we leave without any concern she will "get into trouble". We have fallen in love with her, and she thinks we are just part of her pack! She is a very sweet dog and the best dog I have ever owned. Thanks again.  


We bought Macie, our chocolate lab, from you guys in March 2010. Her parents are Snickers and Charcoal Chip. She is a wonderful addition to our family! Her temperament is perfect: friendly, obedient, intelligent and affectionate. Even though she is an exuberant puppy, she listens to commands and picks up new lessons quickly with a genuine desire to learn and please. To keep her happy and fit, we run with her or hit tennis balls for her to retrieve each day, and we're rewarded with a sweet little girl who is utterly devoted to us. And we may be partial, but we think she's the most beautiful dog in the world! We're so happy we bought her from anah and harris; we could tell they truly treat their puppies as members of their family and take exceedingly good care of their animals.

James and Joanna

“ My dad and I purchased our sweet baby shorkie, Gracie, back in July. We could not be more in love with her! you helped us through the entire process and made everything so easy. Once we picked her out you kept us updated with all of her vet visits, gave us multiple options on her flights to Texas, and kept in communication with us through the travel process until they knew our puppy was safely home. Not only did they help us until she arrived at home, but any and every question we had about her whether it was training/vet/food they were happy to help/answer, and believe me, we had a lot! My dad and I searched EVERYWHERE to find a place like your family- and we finally found them! We could not have asked for a better/easier/more friendly company to work with. We are already looking to get Gracie a sister, and of course wouldn't look anywhere other than you guys! Thank you and will look up to April for the perfect addition to our family! James and Joanna ”

The Taylor Family 

Emily is a delight. She is sweet, loving, touchy/feely, and calm. We had to put our wonderful companion of nearly 13 years, a yellow lab named Abu, to sleep last fall. We missed her terribly and missed having a dog around. We were leary of getting another dog because we were sure none could live up to her legacy. After an exhaustive internet search and many conversations with breeders we chose Emily to be our next companion. Actually, the instant I saw her picture I knew she was the one.My husband was out of town and wasn't quite ready for a new dog but he immediately jumped on board when I emailed her picture to him. We just knew. Life since Emily is a delight. She puts a smile on our faces throughout every day. She loves to cuddle and insists on having several minutes of cuddle time before going out each morning. She is very calm and borders on being lazy which is a good thing for a lab puppy.We entertain a lot during the summer and time after time we have received comments on how well behaved she is. No one believes she is still a puppy. Many have stated they would love to have a dog if they were guaranteed to behave like Emily. We love her. Thanks for bringing her into our world.


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