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Cute BENGAL Kittens 

Quality Bengal Kittens is the combination of Solana Ranch and Wildernesswell Bengals. We are TICA registered Bengal breeders with a combined experience of over 10 years.
Our passion is the Bengal cat

Welcome to  Pets for Home

Why Us ?


Quality Breed

All of our Bengal cats that we use for breeding are kept healthy to ensure the safety of all cats involved. One look at our adorable Bengal kittens, and you'll fall right in love just like we did so many years ago. We have champion Bengal kittens that are bred from champion Bengal cats. We've had 6 champion Bengals in 2015 and 6 more in 2019.


Health Guarentee

The two genetic tests available for Bengal cats are PK-Def (PK - Deficiency) and PRA-B Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy. All of our cats have been tested against these diseases. We can guarantee your kitten will not get either of these two diseases.


Reliable, Fast and Affordable

Place your order and experience our expertise in delivery. We use the best delivery systems available in the given region. We are fast and our Kittens are simply cute and very affordable 

Just like health, temperament is not a guarantee, but after years of experience, we have figured out the secret ingredients to creating confident, friendly cats. Temperament is a combination of nature and nurture. On the nature side, our experience has taught us that the sire plays a powerful part in determining disposition. Therefore, we removed any shy males from our breeding program and only use confident, friendly boys.  


What Our Clients Think of Us

The Swartz Family

We thought you might enjoy another Niki’s update since she is about to turn 1. In short, she is amazing!! We have become so unbelievable attached to her that it is hard to imagine there was ever a time when she wasn't here. She has a wonderful personality, and is very intel ... Read more!


We can’t thank you enough for our wonderful lab. She’s on the petite side, at 58 pounds, and has a perfectly proportioned body and a beautiful face. Her name is Luna, and she has a great temperament. She was so easy to train (Practically house broke herself) and she l ... Read more!                      


Emily is a delight. She is sweet, loving, touchy/feely, and calm. We had to put our wonderful companion of nearly 13 years, a yellow lab named Abu, to sleep last fall. We missed her terribly and missed having a Cat around. We were leary of getting another dog because we w ... Read more!